2014 SBCC Fees and Prizes


        Club membership: $20/year, price for juniors under 21, free for all new members after August.

        Tournament Fees: $15/month, $30 for the Club Championship . The Blitz, and Brask tournaments will have their own (smaller) entry fees and prize funds. These will be determined by the TD prior to the start of the event.

        Prizes: No cash prizes are scheduled to be awarded for monthly events or yearly contests in 2014, however, prizes may be offered at the discretion of the TDs as Club finances permit. The Grand Prix, Ironman, and Most Improved competitions will have the following rules and trophies will be awarded to the winners:


o       Grand Prix: Players will be awarded 3 points for a win (including forfeit wins and full-point byes), 2 points for a draw, and 1 point for a loss in regular tournament games during the 2013 calendar year. Forfeit losses and or 0-point byes receive 0 points. The Blitz Championship, and Brask Tournament will not count.

o       Ironman: Players will be awarded 1 point for each regular tournament game played during the 2013 calendar year, including forfeit wins and full-point byes. Forfeit losses and or 0-point byes receive 0 points. The Blitz Championship and Brask Tournament will not count.

o       Most Improved: Player ratings will be tracked beginning with their official (ratings supplement) rating as of 1/1/14 and ending with their official rating as of 12/31/14. Players with provisional ratings will not be eligible until they have an established rating. A player must have played 16 rated games at the club during 2014 to be eligible. The players who gain the most rating points during this period will win the prizes.




        If a TD or player chooses not to play in a round to make sure all players have a game, he will receive 2 points for the Grand Prix and 1 point for the Ironman for that round.